Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Time's a Charm

With my renewed vigor to get my hobby project off the ground, I've wiped my Ubuntu install, re-installed it from scratch and updated it via Synaptic. This time I'll draw on my previous experience and install the correct version of Subversion.

1. Eclipse
Eclipse install went smoothly. I won't upgrade it to 3.2.2 as that seemed to cause problems last time.

2. Subversion
I'm aware now that I need version 1.4.x of Subclipse to integrate with version 1.5.4 of Subversion that's available in the Ubuntu repository.
Subversion installed fine. Again I get the "No features available" message from the Subclipse 1.4.x update site. I will try downloading the site package but if that doesn't work I'm giving up on Subclipse.

This seems to be working- now it shows me the contents of the archive site on my local machine. Selecting to install Subclipse indicated that I need Draw2D dependency so I cancel out and request new features again, this time selecting the Callisto Discovery Site and Eclipse Update Site hoping the dependencies will be resolved automatically. It didn't resolve automatically but I found online that I need to manually select the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework which has solved the issue. This step could definitely be made easier.

I choose to install Subclipse and Subclipse SVNKit Option. The Mylyn integration package sounds good but has dependencies that I can't find so it's not getting installed.

Great! Subclipse is installed and I can open a project from SVN. Better than last time already.

3. Pydev
I've elected to install Pydev + Extensions via the Eclipse update site. While this is proceeding I've had a look at what Mylyn is and it looks fantastic. Pity it appears to only be available in Eclipse 3.3+. Once I've got this version stable I might upgrade.

Right, Pydev installed fine and I'm ready to go! Woooot! Much easier this time around.

I still wonder why Help->About in Eclipse shows me that the version is 3.2.2 but when I look at the updates section it shows me Eclipse 3.2, Eclipse 3.2 Updates, Eclipse 3.2.1, Eclipse 3.2.1 Updates, Eclipse 3.2.2, Eclipse 3.2.2 Updates. I assume I should be installing the last one but the fact that displays old updates makes me apprehensive to install anything. I'll leave it alone for now as it's all stable and working.

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